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Business Data Tools

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  • "url_id" : 1234567890,
  • "addr_best" : "12 Green St, Nutown",
  • "phone_best" : "0412 123 456",
  • "facebook_name" : "getfitnutown",
  • "facebook_id" : "1239759782346",
  • "twitter_name" : "getfitnutown",
Simple and scalable

Knowknot’s API will quickly validated millions of records. The data tools integrate into any system, using just a few lines of code and no software installation is required.

This standard web-based API is scalable in the cloud, whether you have 30 or 30 million records to clean.

Fully audited from public business website.

We only access public data from public business websites.
HTML sources are recorded to provide a full audit trail.

  • “addr_data”

    : “12 Green St, Nutown NSW 2780 Australia”

  • “addr_html”

    : “ <p> <strong>>Street Address <br /> </strong> 12    Green St, Nutown <br /> NSW 2780 Australia </p>”,

  • “url”

    : “”,

  • “crawl_date”

    : “12/12/2013”

Data extracted/cleaned includes
address, telephone numbers, company name, company number,
social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter etc.), feeds.


  • API currently under exclusive deal within Australia

Developed by me, Phil Robinson [Linkedin]. I have been in the publishing and directories business for more than a decade. I know how hard it is to keep your business data correct and comprehensive, so I see the potential in an application that can check and parse data from small business websites.

The Knowknot Data API is the result of five years of research and development in crawling and parsing technology. It's quick and easy to use - see for yourself.

$0.08 per URL per year with monthly crawls and updates - you get all the data we got in the last crawl and monthly alerts if the data changes or improves.